Explore the current art exhibitions on display at Muswellbrook Regional Arts Centre. Discover the work of regional artists, national art prizes, our collections and more across five exhibition spaces.

Women’s Work: from the Muswellbrook Collections

12 January to 16 March 2024

‘In 2019, the National Gallery of Australia launched its gender-equality initiative ‘Know My Name’, a multifaceted project encompassing a series of exhibitions, publication and activations celebrating “the work of all women artists with an aim to enhance understanding of their contribution to Australia’s cultural life.”

In the spirit of ‘Know My Name’, ‘Women’s Work’ highlights the work of six women artists from the collections at Muswellbrook Regional Arts Centre. Viola Bromley, Edna Garran-Brown, Dorothy Burns, Dorothy Napangardi, Rhonda Thwaite and Vicki Varvaressos were wives, mothers, art advocates and pioneers who made a difference. Individually and collectively, they implemented change for future generations to benefit, and enriched the cultural life of Australia.’ – Emma Collerton.

Dorothy Burns, ‘Dragon Pot’ undated, burnished earthenware, sawdust fired, 24 x 24 x 24cm, Max Watters Collection.

Breathing: Henry Lewis

6 November 2023 to 16 March 2024

‘Being aware of our “being” always seems to be a revelation, as in the quixotic amusement of “seeing one’s breath.” But variation is where photographer Henry Lewis sees, captures, and chronicles value. We may not breathe in the same way, or other influences may impact how we do. And in chronicling the variations within and between his own breathing, Lewis highlights how little we understand or engage with the ubiquity and fragility of the process.’ – Brett Levine.

Henry Lewis, ‘Pocket-b 37’ 2023, digital print, 91.5 x 91.5cm.

Art Tracks VII: Not at the Dinner Table!

12 January to 25 May 2024

‘Art Tracks VII: Not at the Dinner Table!’ brings together works from the collections acquired through the Muswellbrook Art Prize, spanning from radical ideas to the taboos in normalcy of everyday life. These pieces serve as a visual testament to the transformative power of art, transcending limits, and shedding light on topics considered unfit for polite conversation.

The contemporary artists featured in this exhibition acknowledge that within these restricted subjects lies the potential for deeper understanding, empathy and connection. Some make bold political statements through their work, such as Adam Norton’s utilisation of protest iconography in his ‘Giant Badges’ series, 2020, and Mike Parr revisiting his previous political art performances in ‘Against the Dead (Self Portrait as a Wedge),’ 1983. Others delve into taboo subjects like death, exemplified by Susanne Archer’s ‘The Graveyard,’ 1987.

The exhibition space itself is a forum for open discourse, challenging visitors to reassess the boundaries that dictate what is deemed acceptable for discussion in public settings. ‘Art Tracks VII: Not at the Dinner Table!’ encourages viewers to reflect on the sources of their discomfort and question why certain topics remain off-limits.

Adam Norton, ‘Earth Abides’ 2020, synthetic polymer paint on aluminium, 110 x 110 x 10cm, Muswellbrook Shire Art Collection, Finalist, Muswellbrook Art Prize 2021, Purchased courtesy the Max Watters Bequest.

Warrior Expressions: Warrior Disability Services

12 January to 25 May 2024

Showcasing artwork by people living with a disability, ‘Warrior Expressions’ celebrates the experiences, stories, and emotions of the Warriors from Warrior Disability Services. The experience of connecting with their creative potential through the visual arts has worked to enhance wellbeing and supported a sense of belonging.

Sharing their perspectives, imagination, and creativity for what brings each of them joy and happiness, ‘Warrior Expressions’ invites viewers to forge connections with the Warriors through the language of art.

Hayden Mass, ‘Water Warrior’ 2022, acrylic on canvas, 50 x 40cm.