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Thank you for supporting our gallery.

All donations to Muswellbrook Regional Arts Centre are tax deductible. Your gift ensures we continue to cultivate social engagement in art and culture through the delivery of relevant, enriching, contemporary visual arts programming.

For more information about how you can be involved, please follow the links below, and/or contact the gallery:

p. 02 6549 3800  |  e.

  • Make a Donation  |  Make a tax-deductible donation. Help to run our gallery programs and continue to grow the collection.
  • Bequests  |  Leave monetary gifts or an artwork to the gallery in your will.
  • Cultural Gifts Program  |  Donate artworks to the gallery under the national program.
  • Sponsorship  |  Support of exhibition events and programs by becoming a gallery sponsor.
  • Volunteering  |  Join a special group of volunteers and assist the gallery in the delivery of our programs.
  • Internships and Work Placements  |  Gain work experience through learning about and assisting with specific program and events.

Danie Mellor, untitled I, II, III, IV – A new geography (of dreams the heart which cast its own) 2005, glazed slip cast earthenware, 66 x 32 x 6cm to 78 x 39 x 6cm (each), Muswellbrook Shire Art Collection, Donated through the Australian Government’s Cultural Gifts Program by the Artist.

Make a Donation

Your donation is important – it helps us to deliver projects and to develop our collection through acquisitions and conservation.

All donations to Muswellbrook Regional Arts Centre are tax deductible.


By giving to Muswellbrook Regional Arts Centre you assist in building a better gallery for the community. Every gift is appreciated and valued, and monetary gifts or artworks can be made directly to the gallery.

If you are making your Will, or adding a codicil to an existing Will, you can include a straightforward gift to Muswellbrook Regional Arts Centre with the inclusion of the following provision (or similar):

I give (insert either portion of Estate, dollar amount or residue of my estate or details of a particular artwork) to Muswellbrook Regional Arts Centre of 1-3 Bridge Street, Muswellbrook NSW 2333 or its successor for the general purposes of Muswellbrook Regional Arts Centre in its sole discretion. An authorised receipt from Muswellbrook Regional Arts Centre will be sufficient discharge for the executor(s) or trustee(s) without seeing to the final distribution of the funds.

Bequests to Muswellbrook Regional Arts Centre may be directed toward a specific project, such as exhibitions, acquisitions, professional development and education and community programs.

While unspecified gifts are of most value, we would be very happy to discuss bequests or donations for a specific purpose.

Cultural Gifts Program

Muswellbrook Regional Arts Centre is part of the Australian Government’s Cultural Gifts Program. This program offers tax incentives to encourage people to donate cultural items to public art galleries, museums, libraries and archives in Australia.

If you are the owner of an artwork that you think might find its place in the Muswellbrook Shire Art Collection, please contact us. We will consider it in line with our Collection Policy and let you know if we think that it has a place at Muswellbrook Regional Arts Centre.

For program information and tax incentives please visit the Australian Government Cultural Gifts Program online resource.

Please note: gifts bequeathed under a Will or made by executors of deceased estates are not tax deductible and do not qualify for the program.


Sponsors play a vital role in Muswellbrook Regional Arts Centre’s exhibition events and programs. Muswellbrook Regional Arts Centre is seeking Expressions of Interest for annual Sponsors across a range of exhibition events and programs.


Sponsors are sought to provide support to Muswellbrook Regional Arts Centre’s exhibition events and programs through a number of ways:

  1. Partnering with the gallery to deliver exhibition events and programs consistent with the theme and aims of the activity and the Sponsor’s brand.
  2. Supporting the gallery through sponsorship to allow the gallery to deliver high-quality experiences and outcomes.
  3. Working with the gallery to deliver in-kind benefits for exhibition events and programs.

Sponsors receive benefits, which may include:

  • acknowledgement on event marketing material and collateral
  • acknowledgement through speaking opportunities or official speeches
  • signage and branding opportunities at the event
  • event experiences

Each potential partnership presents a unique opportunity which can be tailored to suit the partner’s objectives, targets and capacities. Each opportunity will be considered for its unique benefits and suitability for each event. Potential Sponsors should consider their objectives in partnering with the Muswellbrook Regional Arts Centre as well as their potential partnership capacity.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Muswellbrook Art Prize (national art competition)Prize Money: major sponsor $30,000; intermediate sponsor $10,000; minor sponsor $5,000
Viola Bromley Art Prize (local art competition)Prize Money: major sponsor $6,000; intermediate sponsor $2,000; minor sponsor $1,000
Exhibition Launch (4 annually)Provision of goods and services: catering; produce; wine, beer and beverages; entertainment (music, dance); guest accommodation
ExhibitionsCatalogue design and production; installation costs; publicity; transport; printing costs; touring costs (incoming/outgoing)
Artist in ResidenceArtist fees; materials and production costs; travel; accommodation; meals and incidentals; public workshops
Workshops – Monthly Family Program, First Friday EventsTutoring; art materials; catering
ArtworkCommissioned artworks for exhibition (acquisitive and non-acquisitive), collection and public spaces; conservation (Adopt-an-Artwork)

Selection Criteria for all Events and Programs

The selected organisation:

  • has no religious or political affiliation or purpose
  • is not a tobacco company or tobacco related brand
  • promotes core values which align with those of the event or program and Muswellbrook Regional Arts Centre
  • has a brand that positively aligns with Muswellbrook Regional Arts Centre and the particular event or program for which the Expression of Interest is lodged
  • must provide benefit to the event or program
  • has public liability insurance up to $20 million where required to activate on-site

Appointments will be made for one year. All proposals will be evaluated by a panel for each event or program. Muswellbrook Regional Arts Centre reserves the right to proceed with any or all of the events/programs mentioned above without appointing an event Sponsor. Muswellbrook Regional Arts Centre may make direct approaches to potential Sponsors as a part of this process.

How to Apply

All Expressions of Interest are to outline the following:

  • Details regarding the current business of the applicant including history of operation, products and services and area of operation
  • The objectives of the business in seeking exhibition event or program sponsorship
  • The nature of the partnership sought
  • How the selection criteria is met
  • Best contact details for further discussions

Applications are open between August and May of each financial year.

We advise applicants read Muswellbrook Shire Council Sponsorship Policy before applying.

Potential Sponsors should email expressions of interest to

Applications should be no longer than 5 pages and no larger than 5MB.


Volunteers are an important and highly valued part of Muswellbrook Regional Arts Centre’s day-to-day operations. There are different ways you can get involved.

Front of house

Front of house volunteers offer visitors opportunities to gain a deeper experience of art and an understanding of the gallery and its collections, along with information about the local area. Front of house volunteers also assist with events including exhibition launches, family workshops and gallery tours.

Installation team

With an eye for detail, installation team volunteers work as part of the gallery team in handling and installing artwork, utilising hand and power tools, and preparing the exhibition space for presentation.

To apply visit Muswellbrook Shire Council’s online Volunteer application form.

Internships and Work Placements


Muswellbrook Regional Arts Centre does not currently offer a structured internship program for university students, however the gallery can host tertiary students to assist with and learn about specific programs and events. The content and duration of any internship must be negotiated between the gallery and the relevant higher education institution.

Work experience and placements

Placements can be made available on request for secondary school students undertaking structured workplace learning or work experience.

To apply visit Muswellbrook Shire Council’s online Work Experience and Placement application form.